The Best & Most Affordable Cars Of 2020

Most of us could not imagine our lives without a vehicle. Driving to and from work, heading out for a night on the town with friends and shopping at a local mall would all suddenly become much more complicated if motor vehicles ceased to exist. Whether you are a first-time buyer or you are considering a trade-in for a newer model, choosing the best make and model for your needs can be a bit tricky. Let's take a look at what options you need to consider.

New Versus Used

This is arguably the most important question, as it will ultimately determine how much you will be obligated to spend as well as what you can expect in return. Used vehicles are often the best options if you have a limited amount of funds or if you do not possess the credit for a new model.

However, never cars are always associated with robust warranties in terms of parts and labor. They are also highly reliable and when compared to older variants, they tend to be offer much better gas mileage. Other amenities such as GPS systems and rear-facing cameras are frequently issues as standard options; adding to their sense of innovation.


Never purchase any vehicle that you cannot afford. Consider practicality as well as what it is intended to be used for. There is no logic in purchasing a crossover or an SUV if you have no need for such interior space or if you rarely travel ten miles away from home. So, prudence is paramount if you hope to make a sound decision and leverage all of the benefits that modern vehicles can provide

A Look at Used Car Dealers: Separating the Good from the Bad

If you cannot afford a new car or should you be budgeting your funds for other purposes such as buying a home, a quality used car could represent the perfect option to make ends meet. We should first dispel with the myth that used cars are nothing but trouble. The ultimate outcome of your venture will depend upon knowing what it is that you are looking for as well as being able to choose a trustworthy and transparent dealer. The focus of this article will revolve around how to spot excellent dealerships as well as the methods to avoid becoming involved with a shoddy sales firm. If you hope to save money and enjoy a high-class vehicle, keep reading!

When Should You Choose to Walk Away?

  • Knowing the warning signals associated with a less-than-reputable dealer is essential. We will first mention the obvious: always appreciate what previous customers have to say. Ask around, particularly if the business is local. Search online for reviews as well. Although every retail service will occasionally encounter a poor review, such negative opinions should be few and far between.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau in order to discover whether or not the dealership in question is associated with any complaints. As the BBB is accredited by federal and state authorities, you can be assured that the information is accurate. Once again, avoid any firm which is known for a host of complaints.
  • Price is an obvious concern. While the MSRP of a vehicle is naturally set by the manufacturer, some dealers will choose to mark up this price with “extras”. Determine exactly what these extras represent and whether or not they are worth it. There is nothing worse than purchasing a vehicle only to realize a few weeks later that it could have been bought for a few thousand dollars less if you had selected another used car dealer.
  • Finally, listen to your instincts when visiting the dealership and speaking with a salesperson. Do they make you feel uncomfortable? Do you feel pressured into making a purchase? Have they been less than transparent in reference to any associated terms and conditions? As opposed to rolling the dice, it is best to walk out the door and look elsewhere.

The Hallmarks of a Quality Used Car Dealer

Now that we have identified some negative traits to watch out for, what are a handful of signals that you should continue the negotiation process? Referring to the last paragraph within the previous section, always follow how you feel. The best dealers will make you feel right at home and they are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. Some will even go out of their way to accommodate your schedule; staying late as the process could require. If they are attending to your needs before the purchase, the chances are high that you will experience this same level of customer service when you physically own the vehicle.

Used car dealers need to be able to provide you with a history of the vehicle. Most reputable organizations will only sell cars which have been thoroughly inspected for any defects or mechanical issues. They will likewise include this information within the bill of sale. Still, always ask for the past inspection history (this will tell you if any major issues needed to be addressed in the past).

A busy sales floor is a sure-fire signal that the dealership in question is popular. This is most likely due to the fact that they are know for offering quality vehicles and services. It is all about an attention to detail and customers will realize this from the very beginning. Although it might be a few minutes before you are attended to, it is well worth the wait.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Purchasing a quality used car does not necessarily have to represent a complicated process. The first step is understanding how to spot a reliable and respected dealer. Much like any other type of sales firm, used car dealers come in all shapes and sizes. Thankfully, you have a variety of tools at your disposal and knowledge is power. It is a good idea to use this article as a checklist during the buying process so you can remain confident that all points have been covered. Used vehicles could represent a dream come true if you approach a purchase with insight and clarity from the very beginning.

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